Painters Inc. Ltd can paint the interior of your house, flat, apartment, office or industrial area very quickly and efficiently. We have the equipment to deal with difficult access issues such as stair cases and high ceilings. We take care to drop out carpets and protect furniture. Our team clean up at the end of the day so you have a workable home to relax in. Problems such as flaking ceilings and old wallpaper are common and we can advise you of the most cost effective solution to sort them out. You might be looking at stripping wallpaper and relining or putting up new wallpaper – we can help with that too.  For more details about our wallpapering services click here.

The most important aspect of interior painting is making sure the housekeeping is kept to a minimum. The less moving around of furniture and fittings there is the less time there is on the job which save us time and you money. It really helps us if you make sure all the small items are packed away before we get there and also take the curtains or blinds down. Our team is happy to move large pieces of furniture and take curtains and blinds down if required.

We only paint interiors between June and September. We can offer a free Resene colour consultation for any jobs booked.

If you would like to discuss your project with us please call 0800 765 137 or fill in our form.

Interior Painting – What we need to know!

  • Will you be staying in the house while we’re painting it – or is a holiday on the cards?
  • Who lives there – are there small children or animals?
  • What type of sheen level is required (small children require a more wipeable surface)?
  • Are we painting wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms (these require special mould inhibiting paints and a pigmented sealer if there are unsealed surfaces)?
  • How many coats are required, what’s the colour scheme – are we overcoating dark colours with light ones?
  • Do you want the inside of cupboards painted?
  • Do you want all the joinery painted – doors, windows, cupboard doors, skirting boards etc?
  • Ceiling white or a tint?
  • Is anyone sensitive to paint smells or VOCs in paint – we always use the most environmentally friendly paint possible to achieve the best outcome.

How we get the Best Results for your Interior Paint Project

Wellington Interior Painting1. Choosing the right colour for your interior.

From colour psychology, we know that the effects of colour are both subtle and significant.

Throughout our daily lives, we respond to colour and yet the importance of colour is often underestimated. Therefore, the colours in your home are important to you and your family.

So we work with you, and know the right professionals, to help you choose the perfect colours for your home.

2. Choosing the right paint.

The key to a good paint finish is knowing its history, prepping accordingly and then applying the right paint for the issue. Different paints are used for different surfaces such as interior walls, ceilings and in rooms that collect a lot of moisture. Our trained professionals are experts in choosing the right paint for any situation.

3. Always clean and efficient to protect your home.

We pride ourselves in being a fast and tidy team. Using drop sheets saves time and hassle cleaning up. We always clean up after the job and leave your home the way we found it. We’re in and out, in the shortest amount of time, without compromising quality.